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The many advantages of the solar pool heating systems C.P.S.L.




No mechanical deterioration

Solar pool heater has 300 feet per panel of straight tubing without any joint, eliminating any plastic solder which could cause possible leaking. 

The solar pool heating systems is made of black polyethylene plastic, mounted in a metal rack. 

A solar pool heater disk is 6 foot long (2 meters) in diameter.  The weight of each panel is 20 pounds.  (9 kg)


The water is diverted by a manual or electrical valve through the solar pool heater disk. We use your existing pool pump if this pump is adequate for your solar pool heating systems.

The water is heated by the sun and returns to the pool .

CPSL solar pool heater disks are one of the least expansive of all types of solar pool heating systems.



To prevent any kind of build up of leaves and sand underneath the solar panels blown there by the wind.  The only affordable panel.   Space out 2 inches from the roof.  Trouble free

We have a full 10 years warranty parts and labour on C.P.S.L. solar pool heater. It is the best warranty on the market. The solar poll heating systems is entirely conceive and build in Quebec for the last 22 years.

Please contact us for a free estimate on site of the work to be perform and precise cost of your personalized solar pool heating system


Solar pool heater - Solar pool heating system

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